Nike Soccer Cleats

Nike Soccer Cleats: What I have learned?

Nike soccer cleats has many types of cleats that have a very wide size range. Personally I think that Nike is the most popular among soccer cleat manufacturers because they endorse huge soccer players.image

Nike currently has 5 different types of soccer shoes. Four of which are outdoor cleats and one is an indoor shoe. The names of the cleats are Nike Mercurial, Nike Magista, Nike Tiempo, Nike Hypervenom and Nike Sccrx. Within these cleats there are many different types of the shoe that you can purchase to fit exactly what you are looking for.

Nike Soccer Cleats

The price of these shoes can vary a lot. Depending on which form of the show you will affect the cost of the cleats. For example if you want the top of the line shoe that professionals wear you better be ready to pay upwards of $250 to $300 U.S Dollars. Nike usually has around four different forms of each shoe, so you don’t have to buy the most expensive one. There are not many differences between the forms of the shoes, but some of the main differences are the weight of the shoe, the material they are made of and for the Magista, Superfly, and Hypervenom an ankle “sock”.

Nike also provides a cool feature on their website where you can customize your very own soccer cleat. Although this is a very cool feature it will cost you a lot more money and there are certain colors you have to choose from so you can’t just pick any color that you want and put it on the shoe. Also on every regular Nike shoe you can buy a shoe and return it back in 30 days if you are not happy.


Magista Nike Soccer Cleats

The Magista features a dynamic fit collar around the ankle and flyknit all over the top part of the shoe. There are three different types of the shoe, they are the Obra which has the dynamic collar, the Opus which is the same as the Obra without the dynamic collar, and the MAGISTAX PROXIMO which is the indoor shoe with a flat bottom.

Mercurial – The Mercurial also has the dynamic fit collar around the ankle. It all has All Conditions Control (ACC) which give the show more control with the ball in bad conditions. It also has a car in fiber sole which decreases the weight of the shoe vastly. The Superfly is the lightest shoe that Nike offers, a size 9.5 mens weigh 200 grams. So it feels like you are wearing nothing. This shoe also has three different types the the Superfly which has the dynamic collar, the Vapor X which does not have the collar, and the MERCURIALX PROXIMO which is the indoor version.


Hypervenom Nike Soccer Cleats

The Hypervenom has a dynamic fit collar and it has a split toe sole plate made out of PEBAX nylon. This is important because it allows for a lot of flexibility and traction. It also include the All Conditions Control (ACC) to help with ball control. The Hypervenom is unique because it has Nike Skin which helps out with touch on the ball. The Hypervenom also has three different versions of the cleat. They Hypervenom Phantom which had the dynamic collar. The Hypervenom Phinish which does not have the collar. The last one is the HYPERVENOMX PROXIMO which is the indoor shoe.


Tiempo Nike Soccer Cleats

The Tiempo is the only shoe that does not have he dynamic collar and is very popular amount professionals and a drug soccer player around the world. It has kangaroo leather on the top of the shoe and it will actually conform to the shape of your foot. It also has a hyper shield on the stop to block out moisture this is paired with the ACC to increase ball control during sloppy conditions. The Tiempo only has one shoe called the Tiempo.


Sccrx Nike Soccer Cleats

The Sccrx is not a unique shoe it is just the name of all of the indoor shoes that are grouped together.

Pricing- Magista Obra- $275, Hypervenom Phantom-$275, Mercurial Superfly-$275, Tiempo-$210, Mercurial Vapor X-$200, Magista Opus-$200, Hypervenom Phinish-$200, MagistaX Proxmio-$150, MercurialX Proximo-$150, HypervenomX Proximo-$160

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