The most expensive soccer ball in the world

A soccer fan! Get ready to be dazzled by one of the most exquisite and astounding thing ever!

Well sure a car may cost anyone a fortune or even a unique antique furnishing may be heavy on the pocket, or maybe just a straight out house purchase would need a lot of saving up but have you ever thought a best soccer ball could leave you high and dry. That just a ball and its price would give you goosebumps.

Your confusion isn’t unjustified; a soccer ball is hardly an item we give a second guess to before buying, let alone checking our bank statements to inspect for affordability. A decent soccer ball costs less than $50 from a departmental store or a local shop. If you’re feeling fancy and decide to look up European championship 1984 ball, from Adidas tango, even that is only worth $5,871.60. However, if you want to have possession of the most expensive soccer ball in the world, get ready to empty your pockets and pay $2.5million.

Yair Shimansky

Yair Shimansky was a South African jeweler based in Cape Town. He specialized in diamonds and has his bases in several retail stores of Shimansky collection all over the country. He also has a diamond cutting and polishing of diamonds in Johannesburg in South Africa. Yair is known as the most talented retailer of luxurious and expensive jewelry.

Yair Shimansky

Yair Shimansky is also known as the South African Platinum King because he was among the top authorities on experts in the jewelry industry. He has 25 years of experience of the platinum jewelry production and is to date a very successful and popular diamond retailer in the world.


The glamorous piece of art, the diamond embedded world cup soccer ball was created by Yair Shimansky, the South African jeweler. He wanted to craft something that no one could’ve thought of and something people would hanker after. He came up with the idea of a soccer ball that left soccer fans drooling and dazzled over.

South Africa certainly successfully had the entire world’s attention and without question broke records. This event was definitely marked proudly in the history of South Africa and is significant to date. This precious and mesmerizing soccer ball took much time to create and was displayed at the 19th FIFA world cup 2010.


It took the stunning and glittering soccer ball almost 3 months to design and was magnificently made ready in time for the 19th FIFA World Cup 2010 held in South Africa. It was embedded with glorious 6,620 white diamonds and 2,640 black ones.

The most expensive soccer ball in the world

A total of nine thousand and sixty black and white impressive diamonds worth of art was displayed for the world. It was an aggregate of 3500 carats of the country’s (South Africa) diamonds. The size of the ball was exactly that of a regular soccer ball. Nevertheless, it weighed about 4.8 lbs which was much heavier than any normal goal scoring ball.

19th FIFA World Cup 2010

Even as astonishing as this soccer ball was, disappointingly enough it was not able to meet the ball testing criteria. Shimansky got the size, circumference, and the shape right. But much to the disappointment of the players and fans he failed in other requirements of the FIFA balls test.

These include the ball’s water absorption, weight, density, etc. It left the committee with no choice but to disallow the dazzling diamonds to be played with on the fields. Thus, the ball wasn’t allowed to be played within the field by anyone during the World Cup or any other official event.


The merciless glittering soccer ball wasn’t just a showcase to awe the world. Rather it had more deliberate reasons to have been created and displayed at the world cup by Shimansky. The diamond embedded soccer ball was intended to encourage and compel the wealthy tourists visiting South Africa. Furthermore, it was pointing out to the soccer devotees and enthusiasts into buying some of Shimansky’s collection of gemstones.

Shimansky used the diamond soccer ball as a promotional tool to urge people into making purchases from his brand. For this purpose, he even displayed crystal replicas of the ball in local stores. He did so for the sales revenues to be later on submitted to the local charities.

Shimansky was a very talented and influential jeweler of the time. He created some of the best masterpieces of all time. In addition to the diamond soccer ball and its replicas, Shimansky also made a few more souvenirs. A fine looking dome ring for the world cup worth $16,000 was also created. Furthermore, along with it a pair of $129 worth world cup cufflinks too. It means that both these items together worth 9.3 carats.

Love for Soccer

The diamond soccer ball, as precious as it was, was not allowed onto the fields of the stadium to dazzle a match. However, it certainly achieved its envisioned purpose. It caught the attention of the entire generation. The soccer ball successfully served as a perfect symbol of the country’s (South Africa) affection for the Soccer game.

Moreover, the love and dedication it has towards supporting its players. Football (soccer) is perhaps the most famous game of the country and the entire world in that case. Thus the record-breaking ball was no doubt the perfect creation to regard the devotion and admiration of the people.


These elements of the world, these creations are for the ordinary people to pay for a ticket. You can get only in line and merely admire the masterpiece from afar. However, some of the world crazy rich billionaires live to buy such expensive and unique artifacts.

As a matter of fact, they participate in bidding the highest bid on the niche yet billion dollar market. They do so just to get the possession of such exclusive masterpieces. Their ownership of such valuables is what determines their wealth and power. Besides if you make that kind of money, you’re going to have to spend it somewhere!