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  Wide Receiver Drills

Good coaches will find a number of ways to teach their players techniques.  Using different drills each day or week will keep your practices fresh and exciting, for you, your coaches and for your players.

Please submit your favorite wide receiver drill to YFBCA.  Drills can be submitted through the form on this site, or through email.  Any format that your drills are in (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, JPG, Playmaker Pro, etc.) is acceptable.  Everyone that submits a drill will be given credit.

Click here for a template form to submit your drill.

Feel free to access this FREE Drill Library at any time.  Don't hesitate to ask questions, give comments, or share ways you modified the drill for your practices.

Drills on the Wide Receivers Page can be combined with other position drills.  Be creative - combine the WR drills with QB drills; or you can combine a WR drill with a DB drill.  Mix it up; keep your practices fresh.

Drills are added weekly - check in for fresh drills!

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Catching Drill - Over the shoulder, low ball, high ball, etc

Concentration Drill - Catch while moving, technique and fundamentals

Deep Ball Drill - Deep route, and long ball catching

Cheap Seats Drill - Catching using only your hands

Sideline Catch Drill - Catch the ball and stay in bounds

Stalk Blocking Drill - Downfield receiver blocking

Two man Tip Drill - Second effort catching

One Hand Catch Drill - Catching with one hand

Back of the Endzone Drill - Catching in the back of the endzone

Distraction Drill - Making the catch while being distracted

 Wide Receiver Techniques - Creating Space Off The Snap

By Football-Tutorials.com

Getting a good jump off the line is an absolutely imperative skill for receivers to learn and understand. Against weak competition it won’t make that big a difference, but in an even matchup between corner and receiver, the battle at the line will often decide who gets the upper hand on that specific play.

Think about Olympic sprinters. In a 9 second sprint, which is much longer than most football plays, the sprinter who gets the best jump on the gun will almost always finish top three, regardless of their top out sprint speed. And they spend hours upon hours practicing their stance and release from the start line.


Having a strong, athletic stance is crucial – if you’re standing straight up and then you try to get the jump on a corner in a low, strong, athletic stance, you have no chance.

In the ideal stance you’ll have your inside foot forward, on the line of scrimmage, with most of your weight on it. Your back foot is going to be slightly raised, much like a sprinter does. This is so that you can push off with the balls of your back foot and get your balance moving forward quickly.

Your upper body will be strong, but relaxed. Your hands should be up, underneath your chin, like a boxer ready to let his hands fly, and your abs should be slightly contracted.


Rip Release

You’ve got two basic options for your wide receiver's release off of the line. The first, and the one that I prefer to use personally, is the rip release.

As you release from the line, you’ll use your inside arm to push the inside shoulder of the defender, getting him slightly off balance, and then bring the outside arm right up underneath the same arm, ripping up through to above shoulder level, and creating a moment of separation between you and the corner.

Swim Release

Here we’ll go to the outside shoulder, this time reaching put and grabbing it with our outside hand. As we do this we’ll start to bring up our inside arm for the swim over, when they’ll pull on the shoulder and bring the arm up and over the defender, getting that same moment of separation.

Remember, whichever technique you go with, the key is to attack half of the defenders body and focus on creating separation from it.

Next step: if you're interested in more free drills and coaching tips for youth football, check out our blog at http://www.Football-Tutorials.com.


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