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  Defensive Back Drills

Good coaches will find a variety of means to teach their players techniques.  Using different drills each day or week will keep your practices fresh and exciting - for you, your coaches, and your players.

Please submit to YFBCA your favorite defensive back drill.  Drills can be submitted through either the form on this page or you through email.  Any format (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, JPG, Playmaker Pro, etc.) is acceptable.  Each coach/parent/player that submits a drill will be given full credit for it.

Click here for a template form to submit your drill.

Feel free to access this FREE Drill Library at any time.  Don't hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have or share ways you modified the drill for your practices.

Drills on the Defensive Backs Page can be used for Cornerback and Safety positions.

You can combine these drills with drills of other positions during practice.  Be creative and mix it up - you can combine any of these DB drills with most WR drills or QB drills.

Drills are added weekly so make sure to check for fresh drills.

Most of these drills are in PDF format.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to access the files. Click here to install PDF Reader for Free.

Defensive Back Drills

Back Pedal Drill - Backward movement, chin over toes

DB Drills - Various Defensive back technique drills

M-Drill - Quick turns/change of direction

Zone Break - Reading the QB in zone coverage


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